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Nanango, Queensland, Australia



City/Town : Latitude: -26.672995, Longitude: 151.999749


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BADKE, Darryl Raymond  08 Sep 1940Nanango, Queensland, Australia I8233
2 BAUER, Alfred  09 Jun 1887Nanango, Queensland, Australia I19273
3 BAUER, Christian 'Christy' Frederick  28 Apr 1885Nanango, Queensland, Australia I19264
4 BEITZEL, Doris 'Monty'  15 Feb 1909Nanango, Queensland, Australia I5823
5 BLIESNER, Gustav  12 Apr 1914Nanango, Queensland, Australia I192
6 BLIESNER, Howard  1 Mar 1919Nanango, Queensland, Australia I195
7 BLIESNER, Malcolm Vincent  13 Dec 1917Nanango, Queensland, Australia I194
8 FRITZ, Douglas Arnold  7 Dec 1926Nanango, Queensland, Australia I217
9 FRITZ, Lorna May  25 Jul 1929Nanango, Queensland, Australia I218
10 FRITZ, Olga Ritta  2 Feb 1919Nanango, Queensland, Australia I214
11 FRITZ, Violet Mandeline  13 Jun 1917Nanango, Queensland, Australia I213
12 FRITZ, Wallace Johann  31 Mar 1925Nanango, Queensland, Australia I216
13 FRITZ, Winifred Isabel  5 Dec 1934Nanango, Queensland, Australia I220
14 HATCHMAN, Alfred  06 Mar 1877Nanango, Queensland, Australia I19210
15 HATCHMAN, Gary Richard  27 Jun 1948Nanango, Queensland, Australia I6350
16 MADSEN, Herbert Herman  23 Sep 1892Nanango, Queensland, Australia I14979
17 ROSSOW, Anna Christina "Tina"  17 Jun 1884Nanango, Queensland, Australia I109
18 ROSSOW, George Edward  8 Mar 1911Nanango, Queensland, Australia I183
19 ROSSOW, Harold Gustav  22 Mar 1915Nanango, Queensland, Australia I185
20 ROSSOW, May Dorothea  16 Sep 1891Nanango, Queensland, Australia I113
21 ROSSOW, Reginald Kevin 'Kevin'  27 Nov 1920Nanango, Queensland, Australia I187
22 ROSSOW, Vivian James  29 Sep 1918Nanango, Queensland, Australia I72


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BLIESNER, Albert Conrad  13 Feb 1970Nanango, Queensland, Australia I2095
2 BLIESNER, Friedrich Wilhelm Gustav "Gus"  01 Dec 1951Nanango, Queensland, Australia I190
3 BLIESNER, Howard  2 Oct 1993Nanango, Queensland, Australia I195
4 BLIESNER, Malcolm Vincent  27 Nov 1979Nanango, Queensland, Australia I194
5 BLIESNER, Queenie Louisa  25 Oct 1937Nanango, Queensland, Australia I191
6 BROWN, Mary Elizabeth  12 Aug 1926Nanango, Queensland, Australia I18979
7 BROWN, Samuel  30 Jul 1926Nanango, Queensland, Australia I3231
8 DOMJAHN, Ivy May  23 Mar 1997Nanango, Queensland, Australia I1525
9 EMBREY, James  13 Nov 1942Nanango, Queensland, Australia I4281
10 EMBREY, Olga Rita  01 Oct 2000Nanango, Queensland, Australia I500
11 EMBREY, Richard  08 Sep 1966Nanango, Queensland, Australia I173
12 EMBREY, William  26 Apr 1978Nanango, Queensland, Australia I7577
13 GROSSKOPF, Benjamin Friedrich  18 Sep 1985Nanango, Queensland, Australia I6242
14 HATCHMAN, Gary Richard  25 Jun 1961Nanango, Queensland, Australia I6350
15 HOOD, Isabella (Bella) Emily  13 Jul 1963Nanango, Queensland, Australia I676
16 ROSSOW, Anna Christina "Tina"  18 Oct 1941Nanango, Queensland, Australia I109
17 ROSSOW, Annie Matilda (Martha)  7 Oct 1883Nanango, Queensland, Australia I108
18 ROSSOW, August Carl "Charles"  20 Sep 1944Nanango, Queensland, Australia I60
19 ROSSOW, Charles William  19 May 1962Nanango, Queensland, Australia I110
20 ROSSOW, May Dorothea  17 Jun 1958Nanango, Queensland, Australia I113
21 ROSSOW, Reimer Walter  1 Apr 1931Nanango, Queensland, Australia I119
22 STEPHAN, Ellen Gertrude  11 Feb 1985Nanango, Queensland, Australia I6444
23 WENCK, Anna Cathrine Sophie "Christina"  09 Jul 1939Nanango, Queensland, Australia I107


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BALLIN, May Augusta  29 Dec 1959Nanango, Queensland, Australia I15485
2 BAUER, Anna Christina  21 Mar 1884Nanango, Queensland, Australia I19265
3 BAUER, Christian 'Christy' Frederick  Nanango, Queensland, Australia I19264
4 BIERTON, Thomas  26 May 1914Nanango, Queensland, Australia I7487
5 BLIESNER, Albert Conrad  15 Feb 1970Nanango, Queensland, Australia I2095
6 BLIESNER, Ernest John  Nanango, Queensland, Australia I20573
7 BLIESNER, Friedrich Wilhelm Gustav "Gus"  04 Dec 1951Nanango, Queensland, Australia I190
8 BLIESNER, Howard  2 Oct 1993Nanango, Queensland, Australia I195
9 BLIESNER, Malcolm Vincent  29 Nov 1979Nanango, Queensland, Australia I194
10 BLIESNER, Queenie Louisa  26 Oct 1937Nanango, Queensland, Australia I191
11 BLIESNER, Una  8 May 1945Nanango, Queensland, Australia I818
12 BRADSHAW, Wemyss Fyfe  Nanango, Queensland, Australia I638
13 BROWN, Frank  Nanango, Queensland, Australia I18981
14 BROWN, Samuel  31 Jul 1926Nanango, Queensland, Australia I3231
15 BUTWELL, Avice  Nanango, Queensland, Australia I14719
16 BUTWELL, Colin Joseph  Nanango, Queensland, Australia I14717
17 BUTWELL, Robert (Keith)  30 May 1988Nanango, Queensland, Australia I14715
18 CALDWELL, Mary Elizabeth  Nanango, Queensland, Australia I6933
19 COOMBS, Rebecca  17 Jun 1913Nanango, Queensland, Australia I880
20 EMBREY, Emler  07 Nov 1933Nanango, Queensland, Australia I7486
21 EMBREY, James  14 Nov 1942Nanango, Queensland, Australia I4281
22 EMBREY, Joseph  Nanango, Queensland, Australia I4251
23 EMBREY, Olga Rita  04 Oct 2000Nanango, Queensland, Australia I500
24 EMBREY, Richard  10 Sep 1966Nanango, Queensland, Australia I173
25 EMBREY, William  28 Apr 1978Nanango, Queensland, Australia I7577
26 EWART, Jane Sinclair  22 Sep 1970Nanango, Queensland, Australia I2465
27 FRITZ, Ludwig Johann  01 Apr 1949Nanango, Queensland, Australia I2456
28 FRITZ, William Ludwig  22 May 1965Nanango, Queensland, Australia I2466
29 GUTZKE, Carl Frederick  Nanango, Queensland, Australia I20306
30 HATCHMAN, Edward Charles "Chappie"  13 Jul 1960Nanango, Queensland, Australia I1395
31 HATCHMAN, Gary Richard  27 Jun 1961Nanango, Queensland, Australia I6350
32 HOOD, Isabella (Bella) Emily  16 Jul 1963Nanango, Queensland, Australia I676
33 JACKSON, Margaret  Nanango, Queensland, Australia I7456
34 KAMP, Ida Emma Augusta  Nanango, Queensland, Australia I15728
35 LEEMON, Ivy May  Nanango, Queensland, Australia I20080
36 MAY, William George  30 Nov 1903Nanango, Queensland, Australia I18233
37 MOLONEY, Catherine Ann  Nanango, Queensland, Australia I19274
38 NIELSEN, Daphne Violet  Nanango, Queensland, Australia I14727
39 O'SHEA, Norah Catherine  26 Jun 1946Nanango, Queensland, Australia I6639
40 PROFKE, Wilhelm Friedrich Herman  23 May 1938Nanango, Queensland, Australia I19148

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 EMBREY, Alice Stewart  21 Oct 1900Nanango, Queensland, Australia I7546

Funeral Notice

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Funeral Notice    Person ID 
1 EMBREY, Olga Rita  04 Oct 2002Nanango, Queensland, Australia I500

Military Service

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID 
1 MOORCROFT, Albert Austin Turner  26 Feb 1916Nanango, Queensland, Australia I19011


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BUTWELL / NIELSEN  24 Dec 1938Nanango, Queensland, Australia F29043
2 JOHNSTON / QUINNEY  04 Apr 1984Nanango, Queensland, Australia F30853
3 KEENAN / BIERTON  19 Jun 1913Nanango, Queensland, Australia F29107

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