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Murgon, Queensland, Australia



City/Town : Latitude: -26.242721, Longitude: 151.942502


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BEITZEL, Gordon Victor  29 Nov 1919Murgon, Queensland, Australia I5785
2 BRIGHTON, Clive Arnold  2 Feb 1930Murgon, Queensland, Australia I1408
3 DENNIEN, Gordon Edgar  08 Sep 1922Murgon, Queensland, Australia I20220
4 DIONYSIUS, Jean  30 Jun 1935Murgon, Queensland, Australia I19063
5 DRAHEIM, William Rodney (Rod)  Abt 1936Murgon, Queensland, Australia I14590
6 FISCHER, Otto August  01 Apr 1925Murgon, Queensland, Australia I12926
7 FRITZ, Daphne  17 Jul 1938Murgon, Queensland, Australia I231
8 FRITZ, Gladys  14 Jun 1922Murgon, Queensland, Australia I215
9 FRITZ, Raymond Walter  24 Jun 1937Murgon, Queensland, Australia I221
10 MAROSKE, Friedrich Gustave  22 Sep 1903Murgon, Queensland, Australia I16134
11 MAROSKE, Wilhelm Frederick Gottlieb  14 Apr 1878Murgon, Queensland, Australia I9717
12 ROSSOW, Gladys Vera  09 Dec 1914Murgon, Queensland, Australia I234
13 SCHIMKE, Emilie  30 Jun 1881Murgon, Queensland, Australia I14254
14 STEGEMANN, Gladys Ruby  02 Jul 1918Murgon, Queensland, Australia I13706
15 STEPHAN, Joan Agnes  16 Mar 1931Murgon, Queensland, Australia I14440
16 WINCHESTER, Vincent Roy  05 Sep 1923Murgon, Queensland, Australia I24424


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALTMANN, Willie George Friedrich  08 Dec 1954Murgon, Queensland, Australia I17238
2 BEITZEL, Colin Joeph  15 Aug 2008Murgon, Queensland, Australia I5786
3 BEITZEL, George Friedrich Anton  19 Jun 1974Murgon, Queensland, Australia I702
4 BEITZEL, Gordon Victor  11 Jul 2017Murgon, Queensland, Australia I5785
5 BEITZEL, Vera May  09 Aug 1922Murgon, Queensland, Australia I7879
6 BRATZ, Bertha Mathilda Charlotte  13 Mar 1939Murgon, Queensland, Australia I2733
7 BRATZ, Holdena Wilhelmine  15 Dec 1983Murgon, Queensland, Australia I1459
8 BURT, Alice May  14 Jan 1969Murgon, Queensland, Australia I2552
9 DENNIEN, Emilie Johanne (Matilda)  04 Feb 1937Murgon, Queensland, Australia I18489
10 DEVANTIER, Ida Johanne Louise  14 Jan 1970Murgon, Queensland, Australia I19966
11 DEVANTIER, Norman Franz  30 Sep 1993Murgon, Queensland, Australia I18863
12 DRAHEIM, Emelia (Emily) Wilhelmine  12 Sep 1987Murgon, Queensland, Australia I371
13 DRAHEIM, Marie Louise  19 Jan 1976Murgon, Queensland, Australia I5861
14 DRAHEIM, Wilhelm Friedrick  19 Oct 1951Murgon, Queensland, Australia I352
15 EISENMENGER, Ruby May  28 Aug 2009Murgon, Queensland, Australia I13407
16 FRITZ, Daphne  17 Jul 1938Murgon, Queensland, Australia I231
17 FRITZ, Nathalie Amalie  17 May 1971Murgon, Queensland, Australia I2346
18 GIERKE, Rosa Maria  07 Jan 1995Murgon, Queensland, Australia I16138
19 GOSCHNICK, Carl Otto  22 May 1968Murgon, Queensland, Australia I16861
20 KNOPKE, Auguste Emile  16 Feb 1987Murgon, Queensland, Australia I16269
21 KRUGER, Benjamin  06 Jul 1959Murgon, Queensland, Australia I24757
22 KUHN, Herman William  23 Sep 1968Murgon, Queensland, Australia I12835
23 KUHN, Otto Robert  16 Jun 1954Murgon, Queensland, Australia I1529
24 LOBEGEIGER, Wilhelm Frederick August  10 Jun 1917Murgon, Queensland, Australia I13171
25 MAROSKE, Caroline Ottilie  21 Nov 1968Murgon, Queensland, Australia I14255
26 MAROSKE, Friedrich Gustave  25 Nov 1979Murgon, Queensland, Australia I16134
27 MAROSKE, Matilda Hermine Gottschalk  05 Apr 1964Murgon, Queensland, Australia I9724
28 MAROSKE, Wilhelm Frederick Gottlieb  09 May 1943Murgon, Queensland, Australia I9717
29 NIEBLING, May Isobel  01 Sep 1984Murgon, Queensland, Australia I13409
30 NIETHE, Martha Mary Lizzie  21 May 1980Murgon, Queensland, Australia I2543
31 RIEK, Mildred  27 Sep 1965Murgon, Queensland, Australia I88
32 ROSE, Iris Lillian  22 Jun 1993Murgon, Queensland, Australia I12836
33 RUTHENBERG, Friederich Wilhelm  02 Nov 1970Murgon, Queensland, Australia I17712
34 SCHIMKE, Bertha Anna  11 Oct 1983Murgon, Queensland, Australia I16606
35 SCHIMKE, Carl (Charles)  24 Jan 1947Murgon, Queensland, Australia I16601
36 SCHLOSS, Friedrich Hermann Christian  30 May 1951Murgon, Queensland, Australia I15751
37 SEMPF, Gottlieb Christian  09 Mar 1965Murgon, Queensland, Australia I24701
38 SEMPF, Robert  05 Feb 1949Murgon, Queensland, Australia I14610
39 SHELTON, John  17 Sep 1934Murgon, Queensland, Australia I24764
40 SIPPEL, Joseph  27 Jul 1985Murgon, Queensland, Australia I16135

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BAND, Wilhelm August Friedrich  Murgon, Queensland, Australia I17793
2 BEITZEL, August Theodore Rudolph  Murgon, Queensland, Australia I700
3 BEITZEL, Edward  Murgon, Queensland, Australia I3140
4 BEITZEL, George Friedrich Anton  19 Jun 1974Murgon, Queensland, Australia I702
5 BEITZEL, Gordon Victor  17 Jul 2017Murgon, Queensland, Australia I5785
6 BEITZEL, Heinrich Johann  Murgon, Queensland, Australia I704
7 BEITZEL, Herbert  Murgon, Queensland, Australia I3158
8 BEITZEL, Stanley George  Murgon, Queensland, Australia I3143
9 BEITZEL, Vera May  Murgon, Queensland, Australia I7879
10 BEITZEL, Wilhelm August Friederick  Murgon, Queensland, Australia I701
11 BRATZ, Bertha Mathilda Charlotte  Murgon, Queensland, Australia I2733
12 BRATZ, Emma Friedericke Anna  Murgon, Queensland, Australia I17952
13 BRATZ, Holdena Wilhelmine  Murgon, Queensland, Australia I1459
14 BURT, Alice May  Murgon, Queensland, Australia I2552
15 CASTEN, Ethel May  Murgon, Queensland, Australia I18885
16 DENNIEN, Emilie Johanne (Matilda)  Murgon, Queensland, Australia I18489
17 DENNIEN, Otto Carl  Murgon, Queensland, Australia I20234
18 DEVANTIER, Clarence William  Murgon, Queensland, Australia I18848
19 DEVANTIER, Ernest Friedrich Herman  29 Mar 1948Murgon, Queensland, Australia I18820
20 DEVANTIER, Ernst Frederick Herman  23 Aug 1937Murgon, Queensland, Australia I18821
21 DEVANTIER, Norman Franz  02 Oct 1993Murgon, Queensland, Australia I18863
22 DIECKMANN, Marie Charlotte  Murgon, Queensland, Australia I7366
23 DIONYSIUS, Clara  Murgon, Queensland, Australia I21715
24 DOWNS, Teresa Mary  Murgon, Queensland, Australia I17801
25 DRAHEIM, Anna "Annie"  Murgon, Queensland, Australia I5856
26 DRAHEIM, Christian Friedrich  Murgon, Queensland, Australia I5857
27 DRAHEIM, Emelia (Emily) Wilhelmine  12 Sep 1987Murgon, Queensland, Australia I371
28 DRAHEIM, Ethel Violet  Murgon, Queensland, Australia I95
29 DRAHEIM, Heinrich  Murgon, Queensland, Australia I5859
30 DRAHEIM, John William  Murgon, Queensland, Australia I2406
31 DRAHEIM, Marie Louise  Murgon, Queensland, Australia I5861
32 DRAHEIM, Wilhelm Friedrick  Murgon, Queensland, Australia I352
33 EISENMENGER, Henry Charles  Murgon, Queensland, Australia I1993
34 EISENMENGER, Maria Louisa  Murgon, Queensland, Australia I17966
35 EISENMENGER, Ruby May  Murgon, Queensland, Australia I13407
36 EISENMENGER, William George  Murgon, Queensland, Australia I1995
37 EISENMENGER, William John  Murgon, Queensland, Australia I3185
38 EVANS, Edgar  Murgon, Queensland, Australia I3456
39 EVANS, Frank  Murgon, Queensland, Australia I24760
40 FRAHM, Annie  Murgon, Queensland, Australia I7901

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Confirmation    Person ID 
1 STEPHAN, Alviena Johanna  16 Apr 1922Murgon, Queensland, Australia I18862


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Medical    Person ID 
1 DENNIEN, Cyril Stanley  27 Mar 1925Murgon, Queensland, Australia I18865


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 EMBREY / FRITZ  15 Jan 1936Murgon, Queensland, Australia F154
2 HEIT / DIONYSIUS  02 Feb 1925Murgon, Queensland, Australia F104228
3 HERTERICK / RICHTER  25 Dec 1907Murgon, Queensland, Australia F105174
4 KUHN / ROSE  24 Jan 1942Murgon, Queensland, Australia F28457
5 PARSONS / FRITZ  12 Apr 1941Murgon, Queensland, Australia F155
6 VELLACOTT / STEGEMANN  23 Dec 1942Murgon, Queensland, Australia F28749

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