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Laidley, Queensland, Australia



City/Town : Latitude: -27.629565, Longitude: 152.394182


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 FRITZ, August Julius  18 Sep 1884Laidley, Queensland, Australia I2455
2 FRITZ, Emilie Ottilie  26 Jan 1890Laidley, Queensland, Australia I2345
3 FRITZ, William Heinrich  06 Jul 1881Laidley, Queensland, Australia I2464
4 HEAD, William John  04 Jul 1882Laidley, Queensland, Australia I3829
5 KNOPKE, George  20 Sep 1930Laidley, Queensland, Australia I16238
6 KNOPKE, Rosie Amanda  04 May 1913Laidley, Queensland, Australia I24678
7 KUHN, Ernest Theodore  02 Jun 1900Laidley, Queensland, Australia I4212
8 KUHN, Gustav Rudolph Frederick  02 Jun 1890Laidley, Queensland, Australia I4213
9 KUHN, Wilhelm Friedrich  26 Aug 1894Laidley, Queensland, Australia I4215
10 LOOSE, Elsie  15 Sep 1914Laidley, Queensland, Australia I3201
11 MAROSKE, Lionel Heinrich  05 Sep 1910Laidley, Queensland, Australia I9812
12 MISCHKE, Wilhelm Gustav  12 Oct 1882Laidley, Queensland, Australia I17669
13 MULLER, Allan Goodwin  12 Nov 1915Laidley, Queensland, Australia I5603
14 PETERS, Max Franz  25 Aug 1894Laidley, Queensland, Australia I6998
15 ROSSOW, Carl Leonard  29 Jul 1913Laidley, Queensland, Australia I198
16 ROSSOW, Ronald Valentine  21 Mar 1915Laidley, Queensland, Australia I199
17 ROSSOW, Roy Gustav  25 Feb 1918Laidley, Queensland, Australia I201
18 SCHLOSS, Christian Ferdinand  22 Oct 1892Laidley, Queensland, Australia I14801
19 SCHLOSS, Ida Anna  13 May 1904Laidley, Queensland, Australia I19206
20 SCHLOSS, Olga Emma  15 Aug 1908Laidley, Queensland, Australia I19209
21 SCHMIDT, Lila Mabel  29 Mar 1921Laidley, Queensland, Australia I278


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BREUER, Martin  20 Jul 1903Laidley, Queensland, Australia I17698
2 FREEMAN, Margaret Maria  13 Jul 1958Laidley, Queensland, Australia I3192
3 GIGLER, Martha Helene  15 Jan 1919Laidley, Queensland, Australia I3755
4 HAUSER, Arthur  28 Mar 1959Laidley, Queensland, Australia I21725
5 HAUSER, Henry William  19 Jul 1980Laidley, Queensland, Australia I23910
6 HOFF, Ida Emma Wilhelmina  02 Mar 1983Laidley, Queensland, Australia I6505
7 JACKWITZ, Helena (Lena) Sarah  12 May 1932Laidley, Queensland, Australia I15391
8 LOOSE, Elsie  25 Mar 1916Laidley, Queensland, Australia I3201
9 MAY, Martha Violet  18 Jun 2000Laidley, Queensland, Australia I18227
10 MILLAT, Hilda  28 May 1978Laidley, Queensland, Australia I742
11 MULLER, Johann Gottfried  19 Apr 1932Laidley, Queensland, Australia I5541
12 MULLER, Wilhelmina (Mannin)  02 Mar 1978Laidley, Queensland, Australia I20439
13 MULLER, William  12 Mar 1941Laidley, Queensland, Australia I5576
14 ORTH, Maria (Mary)  20 Apr 1935Laidley, Queensland, Australia I5542
15 PAGEL, Charlotte  01 Apr 2007Laidley, Queensland, Australia I8288
16 PETERS, William Gustave  18 Jan 1940Laidley, Queensland, Australia I18005
17 PIEPER, Bertha Christine  28 Jul 1971Laidley, Queensland, Australia I2544
18 PONTO, Juliane  26 Aug 1888Laidley, Queensland, Australia I1920
19 ROSE, Amilie Caroline  20 Sep 1962Laidley, Queensland, Australia I16766
20 SCHEIWE, Herbert Theodore  20 Aug 1997Laidley, Queensland, Australia I24192
21 SCHLOSS, August Johann Wilhelm  28 Jun 1936Laidley, Queensland, Australia I14808
22 WALKER, Violet Mary Annie  14 Nov 1990Laidley, Queensland, Australia I24480
23 WEISSE, Anna  20 Nov 1924Laidley, Queensland, Australia I17699
24 WIESE, Anna  10 Jul 1945Laidley, Queensland, Australia I24733
25 WOLFGRAMM, Hilda  17 Feb 105Laidley, Queensland, Australia I519
26 YATES, Elizabeth Faith  04 Dec 1956Laidley, Queensland, Australia I18144
27 ZILLMANN, Christian Friedrich Wilhelm  13 Sep 1923Laidley, Queensland, Australia I16264


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 ALBRECHT, Anna Minnie  29 Nov 1955Laidley, Queensland, Australia I3754
2 ALBRECHT, Bertha Auguste  Laidley, Queensland, Australia I5891
3 AUCHTER, William Gustave (Bill)  12 Aug 2004Laidley, Queensland, Australia I18605
4 BLIESNER, Charlotte  26 Jan 1957Laidley, Queensland, Australia I3196
5 BREUER, Albert  Laidley, Queensland, Australia I24240
6 BREUER, Anna Theresa  Laidley, Queensland, Australia I17703
7 BREUER, Bernard Stephen  Laidley, Queensland, Australia I17705
8 BREUER, Francis Joseph  14 Nov 1950Laidley, Queensland, Australia I6315
9 BREUER, Johann  Laidley, Queensland, Australia I24242
10 BREUER, Klemens  14 Oct 1975Laidley, Queensland, Australia I3294
11 BREUER, Martin  Laidley, Queensland, Australia I24241
12 BREUER, Martin  Laidley, Queensland, Australia I17698
13 BREUER, Mary Elizabeth  Laidley, Queensland, Australia I17704
14 BROOK, William James  Laidley, Queensland, Australia I16163
15 DIONYSIUS, Sophia Augusta  Laidley, Queensland, Australia I21717
16 DRAHEIM, Ernst  1931Laidley, Queensland, Australia I346
17 ECKART, Leonard Frank  Laidley, Queensland, Australia I24043
18 FRITZ, Leonard Herman  30 Jan 1974Laidley, Queensland, Australia I5331
19 FRITZ, Norman Walter  24 Jun 1999Laidley, Queensland, Australia I5329
20 FRITZ, Percy Norman  17 Apr 1974Laidley, Queensland, Australia I5328
21 GIGLER, Frederick William  24 Apr 1953Laidley, Queensland, Australia I3753
22 GIGLER, Martha Helene  17 Jan 1919Laidley, Queensland, Australia I3755
23 GOODWIN, Sarah Ann  19 Nov 1964Laidley, Queensland, Australia I5600
24 GOOS, William Ernest  Laidley, Queensland, Australia I21256
25 GORDON, John Goodman  24 Jun 1936Laidley, Queensland, Australia I13797
26 HAHN, Bertha Christina  Laidley, Queensland, Australia I13303
27 HANNSON, Clara  Laidley, Queensland, Australia I24707
28 HAUSER, Arthur  Laidley, Queensland, Australia I21725
29 HAUSER, Henry William  Laidley, Queensland, Australia I23910
30 HEIT, August Carl  26 Feb 1978Laidley, Queensland, Australia I4041
31 ILKA, Victor  Laidley, Queensland, Australia I24734
32 LEE, Albert Allen  Laidley, Queensland, Australia I7238
33 LEE, Hammond Hallon  23 Aug 1942Laidley, Queensland, Australia I5892
34 LEE, Henry Hallon  Laidley, Queensland, Australia I7244
35 LIPPERT, Eda Meta Bertha  Laidley, Queensland, Australia I2823
36 LUCK, Michael Joseph  Laidley, Queensland, Australia I17707
37 MAY, Martha Violet  Laidley, Queensland, Australia I18227
38 MUCKERT, Ernest August  Laidley, Queensland, Australia I24478
39 MULLER, Betsy  16 Mar 1953Laidley, Queensland, Australia I5602
40 MULLER, Edgar Goodwin  04 Nov 1988Laidley, Queensland, Australia I5601

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Funeral Notice

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Funeral Notice    Person ID 
1 FRITZ, Norman Walter  23 Jun 1999Laidley, Queensland, Australia I5329


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DRAHEIM / SHARRY  08 Aug 1931Laidley, Queensland, Australia F396
2 FRITZ / SCHAFFERIUS  09 May 1881Laidley, Queensland, Australia F876
3 HEAD / GIGLER  26 Oct 1906Laidley, Queensland, Australia F2688
4 KUHN / SONNTAG  14 May 1884Laidley, Queensland, Australia F1131
5 KUHN / WENDT  24 Jun 1915Laidley, Queensland, Australia F1093
6 ROSSOW / SCHMIDT  23 Sep 1939Laidley, Queensland, Australia F142
7 TRONC / QUINLAN  26 Dec 1928Laidley, Queensland, Australia F29591

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