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Matches 11,921 to 11,960 of 12,011

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11921 Woodhill, Qld, Australia SAVILLE, Thomas (I2724)
11922 Woodland cemetery BYRD, Douglas Wilson (I17072)
11923 Woodlawn Cemetery SCHOESSOW, LeRoy Leonard (I17077)
11924 Woodlawn Cemetery SCHOESSOW, Evelyn B (I23205)
11925 Woodlawn cemetery, New Berlin, Waukesha County, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA BEITZEL, Emilie Friedericka Wilhelmina (I13567)
11926 Woodlawn Cemetery, New Berlin, Waukesha County, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA LEHMANN, Paul Ernst (I13568)
11927 Woodstock congregational cemetery, Milton BURKINSHAW, James Robert (I18743)
11928 Woogaroo Asylum Cemetery
Goodna, Ipswich City, Queensland, Australia 
DIECKMANN, Caroline (I7367)
11929 Woogaroo Asylum, Goodna
Emma was incarcerated at Woogaroo Asylum for the Insane at Goodna, Ipswich due to some type of mental illness [undisclosed on her death certificate]. She died there at the age of 42 years. None of her family is listed on her death certificate. There was no religious minister to bury her in the asylum's adjacent cemetery.
The asylum was opened in 1865. 
SMITH, Emma (I13980)
11930 Woogoroo Asylum Cemetery, Goodna SMITH, Emma (I13980)
11931 Wool Spinner, Farmer BEISSEL, August Heinrich Christian (I77)
11932 Woolacott is surname at death ECKART, Bertha Maria Anna (I6056)
11933 Woombye cemetery
Tainton, Rev Joseph, M.B.E., d. 12-7-1981.
TAINTON, Joseph (I18145)
11934 Woombye cemetery SINGLETON, Elizabeth Jane (I17445)
11935 Woombye cemetery TAINTON, Albert (I17450)
11936 Woombye cemetery TAINTON, Arthur Thomas (I18148)
11937 Woombye Cemetery OSBORNE, Harriet Christina Elizabeth (I13137)
11938 Woombye Cemetery TUTIN, Arthur Brendon (I24099)
11939 Woombye Cemetery, Palmwoods, Queensland, Australia GRAY, Flora (I2160)
11940 Woombye Cemetery, Palmwoods, Queensland, Australia HENKEY, George Martin (I16539)
11941 Woombye cemetery, Queensland
In loving memory of our dear brother AUGUST LEU died June 1944 aged 68 years. "At rest" 
LEU, August Wilhelm (I17418)
11942 Woombye cemetery, Queensland AULD, Rose (I3089)
11943 Woongarra Crematorium
Columbarium Wall K, Side A 
CUTHBERTSON, Olga May (I21690)
11944 Woongarra Crematorium ROSSOW, James Emil (I276)
11945 Woongarra Crematorium DAVEY, Berenice June (I494)
11946 Woongarra Crematorium, Townsville SCARONI, Harold Joseph (I131)
11947 Worker (Brisbane), Monday 30 May 1955, page 7

Annie Gertrude Moorcraft (or (a) Annie Gertrude Turner (or Turner-Moorcroft), late of Teneriffe, Brisbane, wife of David Turner-Moorcroft. (b) 23rd July, 1953. (c) David Turner Moorcroft, of Teneriffe, Brisbane, (d) Resub. 1, sub. 2, sec. 4, E.S.A. 54, parish, North Brisbane. (d) Fee-simple, (f) Will dated 10th September, 1944. 
PRIOR, Annie Gertrude (I19003)
11948 Worker (Brisbane, Qld), Monday 26 August 1946, page 12

(a) Michael Joseph Byrne, late of Ipswich, (b) 18th April, 1946. (c) Ellen Byrne, of the same place, widow of deceased, (d) Resub. 2, sub; 1. allot. 7 and of resub. 2. sub. 1, part allots. 7, 8, 20, and of allot. 21, sec. 1. city Ipswich, (e) Fee-simple. (f) Will dated 6th July, 1926.

Note: (a) Name of deceased proprietor; (b) Date of death; (c) Name of claimant; (d) Description, and situation of land; (e) Estate claimed to be transmitted; (f) Particulars of will or otherwise. 
BYRNE, Michael Joseph (I5324)
11949 Worker (Brisbane, Qld. : 1890 - 1955), Monday 18 December 1950, page 12

(a) Bertha Neumann, late of Ipswich, widow. (b) 14th March, 1950. (c) Carl Adolf Gerhard Dohler, of the same place, as Devisee in Trust (d) Sub. 2, allots 1, 16. sec. 19, city Ipswich. (e) Fee - simple, (f) Will dated 24th June, 1943. 
KAMP, Bertha Auguste Marie (I17660)
11950 Worker (Brisbane, Qld. : 1890 - 1955), Monday 20 November 1950, page 16

(a) Leonard William Rossow, late of Mooloolah. (b) 7th Jan., 1949. (c) Carl Leonard Bossow, Ronald Valentine RosSow, Roy Gustav Rossow and Norman Edward Rossow, all of Mooloolah, as Devisees in Trust (d) Sub. 2, por. 77V, parish Bribie. (e) Fee-simple. (f) Will dated 29th December, 1948. 
ROSSOW, Leonard William (I114)
11951 Worker (Brisbane, Qld. : 1890 - 1955), Monday 25 February 1946, page 16

(a) Wilhelm Christian Schmidt, late of Fairney View, (b) 7th April, 1845. (c) Sarah Schmidt, of the same place, widow of the deceased, and Ludwig Wilhelm Linning, of Glamorgan Vale, as Devisees in Trust. (d) Por. 4V, parish North. (e) Fee-simple. (f) Will and Codicil dated 29th September, 1915 and 24th April, 1918, respectively.

The Courier-Mail (Brisbane, Qld. : 1933 - 1954), Saturday 19 May 1945, page 6

Deceased: WILHELM CHRISTIAN SCHMIDT, late of Fairney View, Farmer. Applicants: SARAH SCHMIDT, of Fairney view, the lawful Widow of the deceased, and LUDWIG WILHELM LINNING, of Glamorgan Vale, Storekeeper, the Executors appointed by the Will and one Codicil thereto, dated 29th September, 1915, and 24th April, 1918. respectively.
Solicitors: WALKER & WALKER, Bell Street, Ipswich. 
SCHMIDT, Wilhelm Christian (I18384)
11952 Worker (Brisbane, Qld. : 1890 - 1955), Monday 28 December 1942, page 6

Name of Deceased Proprietor. - Benjamin Charles Hall, late of Bauple.
Date of Death. - 18th December, 1941.
Names of Claimants. - Wilhelmine Johanna Bertha (otherwise Wilhelmina Bertha) Hall, widow of deceased, Frank William Hall, both of the same place, Grace Mary Hall, of Woodford, wife of Arthur James Hall, and Beatrice Stella Lane, of Woolooga, wife of John Thomas Lane, as Trustees.
Description and Situation of Land. - Subdivisions 2 to 6 and 11 of portion 1278, county of March, parish of Gundiah.
Estate Claimed to be Transmitted. - Fee-simple.
Particulars of Will or Otherwise. - Will dated 15th July, 1940.
Date within which Caveat may be lodged. - 2nd February, 1943. 
HALL, Benjamin Charles (I17593)
11953 Worker (Brisbane, Qld. : 1890 - 1955), Monday 5 February 1951, page 12.

(a) Edith Evelyn Robinson, late of Ascot, Brisbane, spinster, (b) 14th Mar., 1949. — (c) Thomas George Robinson, of Willoughby, New South Wales. (d) (One undivided moiety in allot. 5, sec 65, city Toowoomba. (e) Fee-simple. (f) Will dated 1 February, 1945. 
ROBINSON, Edith Evelyn (I19731)
11954 Worker (Brisbane, Qld. : 1890 - 1955), Monday 5 March 1945, page 12

(a) Wilhelm Friedrich Maroski (otherwise Wilhelm Gotlieb Maroske), late of Sherlwood, near Murgon. (b) 9th May, 1943. (c) Emilie Maroske, of the same place, widow of deceased. (d) Por. 71, parish Cloyna; sub. 3, por. 48A, parish Tarampa. (e) Fee-simple. (f) Will dated 17th August, 1921. 
MAROSKE, Wilhelm Frederick Gottlieb (I9717)
11955 Worker (Brisbane, Qld. : 1890 - 1955), Wednesday 29 February 1928, page 17

Searchers have found the body of a man named W. Prefke in a paddock near Windera Creek. His horse was grazing nearby. Prefke left Gayndah for his home on Monday of last week. He was advised not to attempt to cross the creek, but as he did not reach home search parties were sent out. 
PROFKE, Willie (I6563)
11956 Workshops Estate, North Ipswich, Qld WALKER, William Edward (I1193)
11957 Woronora ALLEN, Arthur Henry (I16358)
11958 Woronora cemetery
Anglican - Section AD - 0606 
JOYCE, James Emerton (I2201)
11959 Woronora Cemetery
Church of England Section 
WHITE, Caroline (I16434)
11960 Woronora Cemetery
Church of England Section 
WHITE, Thomas (I16437)

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