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New South Wales, Australia



State/Province : Latitude: -32.8310013, Longitude: 150.1390075


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 JOHNSTON, Alexander  20 Jun 1805New South Wales, Australia I10937
2 CROSS, Mary Ann  1806New South Wales, Australia I19309
3 COBCROFT, James  1807New South Wales, Australia I19293
4 BLACKMAN, George  1809New South Wales, Australia I23150
5 PIKE, Mary Elizabeth  1810New South Wales, Australia I18298
6 BLACKMAN, Robert  18 Nov 1811New South Wales, Australia I23151
7 SOUTH, Caroline Mathilda  1814New South Wales, Australia I10894
8 RICHARDSON, Henry  1815New South Wales, Australia I22763
9 TURNBULL, John  14 Oct 1817New South Wales, Australia I22266
10 ELKIN, Elizabeth  09 Jun 1819New South Wales, Australia I22354
11 COBCROFT, Henry  01 Jan 1820New South Wales, Australia I19343
12 DUNSTAN, William  05 Sep 1821New South Wales, Australia I19380
13 GOW, Richard Terry  25 Sep 1822New South Wales, Australia I22500
14 BLACKMAN, James  Abt 1823New South Wales, Australia I23140
15 BLACKMAN, Sarah  12 Mar 1824New South Wales, Australia I22775
16 ATKINSON, Mary Ann  14 Apr 1827New South Wales, Australia I22948
17 ROBINSON, Harriet  1828New South Wales, Australia I22455
18 LISCOMBE, Archimedes Byrne  1829New South Wales, Australia I21989
19 RIDGE, Margaret  1829New South Wales, Australia I22719
20 COBCROFT, Arthur Charles  03 Nov 1829New South Wales, Australia I19443
21 STEPHENSON, James  Abt 1831New South Wales, Australia I22515
22 HALL, Jane  04 Apr 1831New South Wales, Australia I12383
23 GOW, Thomas  19 Aug 1831New South Wales, Australia I22504
24 FAULKS, William  22 Feb 1833New South Wales, Australia I18698
25 TURNBULL, Sarah  28 Dec 1833New South Wales, Australia I22270
26 ROBINSON, Jane Ann  14 Oct 1834New South Wales, Australia I22457
27 RIDGE, Mary Ann  13 Apr 1835New South Wales, Australia I19358
28 GOW, James  15 Jan 1836New South Wales, Australia I22509
29 COBCROFT, Thomas  03 Sep 1836New South Wales, Australia I19333
30 DAVIS, Jane  12 Dec 1836New South Wales, Australia I22430
31 BORTHWICK, Helen Paterson  1837New South Wales, Australia I17437
32 WHITING, William G  1838New South Wales, Australia I4545
33 JOHNSTON, Margaret Amelia  15 Apr 1838New South Wales, Australia I12429
34 MCCROHON, Adelaide Amelia  27 May 1838New South Wales, Australia I20753
35 JOHNSTON, Caroline Jane  03 Jul 1838New South Wales, Australia I10902
36 JOHNSTON, John Ballard  13 Sep 1838New South Wales, Australia I10965
37 WHITING, Richard Harley  1839New South Wales, Australia I4546
38 HOMWOOD, Eliza Maria  11 Apr 1839New South Wales, Australia I22438
39 DUNSTAN, Ralph  05 Mar 1840New South Wales, Australia I19499
40 HUDSON, Lucy Ann  30 May 1842New South Wales, Australia I22240

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 JOHNSTON, John Ballard  25 Oct 1838New South Wales, Australia I10965


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 JOHNSTON, Thomas Andrew  New South Wales, Australia I10901
2 ADDY, William  1812New South Wales, Australia I22129
3 WARR, Ann  19 Dec 1819New South Wales, Australia I22289
4 COBCROFT, Henry  30 Sep 1820New South Wales, Australia I19343
5 WRIGHT, James  30 May 1825New South Wales, Australia I22372
6 CAVANOUGH, Elizabeth  1828New South Wales, Australia I10934
7 JOHNSTON, James Wemyss  10 Sep 1830New South Wales, Australia I10850
8 JOHNSTON, Alexander  21 Jul 1833New South Wales, Australia I10937
9 MCCROHON, Jeremiah Joseph  15 Jun 1834New South Wales, Australia I20758
10 SUTTOR, John Andrew  12 May 1841New South Wales, Australia I21929
11 DUNSTAN, Ralph  25 Sep 1841New South Wales, Australia I19499
12 KIRWAN, Denis Benjamin  15 Oct 1851New South Wales, Australia I22419
13 CROUCH, Elizabeth  27 May 1852New South Wales, Australia I22127
14 CHURCHILL, Edward  20 May 1853New South Wales, Australia I22131
15 DUNSTAN, David Charles  04 Aug 1854New South Wales, Australia I19531
16 MCINTOSH, James  Abt 1870New South Wales, Australia I19598
17 MERRICK, William  1874New South Wales, Australia I23161
18 BUTTSWORTH, Elizabeth Jane  1891New South Wales, Australia I22736
19 COBCROFT, Malcolm Victor Colwell  08 Feb 1891New South Wales, Australia I19595
20 FLEMING, John Henry  20 Aug 1894New South Wales, Australia I22239
21 FAULKS, John F  01 Nov 1894New South Wales, Australia I18692
22 JOHNSTON, William Hall  02 Jan 1897New South Wales, Australia I10853
23 BEARD, William  21 Jul 1897New South Wales, Australia I10935
24 JOHNSTON, Jane Wemyss  18 Mar 1902New South Wales, Australia I10851
25 WHITING, Richard Harley  1917New South Wales, Australia I4546
26 JOHNSTON, Sophia Elizabeth  17 Apr 1918New South Wales, Australia I10870
27 BROWN, James Dawbney  25 Dec 1918New South Wales, Australia I20053
28 WARD, Etheline  1922New South Wales, Australia I12531
29 MANNING, Ann  09 Apr 1922New South Wales, Australia I22330
30 FAULKS, William  30 Jul 1923New South Wales, Australia I18698
31 ROBINSON, Alfred Edward Albert  09 Jan 1926New South Wales, Australia I22466
32 HOPKINS, Sarah  14 Sep 1927New South Wales, Australia I20054
33 CUNNANE, Margaret  13 Aug 1928New South Wales, Australia I17143
34 HALL, Eliza Mary  06 Aug 1930New South Wales, Australia I10890
35 COBCROFT, Alice Mary  22 Nov 1937New South Wales, Australia I10825
36 COLLETT, Alsager Benjamin  24 Aug 1945New South Wales, Australia I19582
37 POULTER, Elizabeth Sarah  24 Dec 1949New South Wales, Australia I1676
38 JOHNSTON, Alexander Sidney  12 Dec 1950New South Wales, Australia I10864
39 BROWN, Marion Amy  23 Feb 1952New South Wales, Australia I12509
40 BOXSELL, Isabella May  18 Feb 1956New South Wales, Australia I22598

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 JOYCE, Amelia Ann  New South Wales, Australia I2231
2 DUCROIX, Amelia  09 Jun 1846New South Wales, Australia I20752
3 BEARD, William  23 Jul 1897New South Wales, Australia I10935
4 JOYCE, William Richard  07 Feb 1938New South Wales, Australia I2202


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Biography    Person ID 
1 BLACKMAN, James  1966New South Wales, Australia I23145


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 COBCROFT, John Frederick  28 Jun 1790New South Wales, Australia I19285
2 WARD, Thomas  26 Aug 1823New South Wales, Australia I16445


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ADDY / CROUCH  1807New South Wales, Australia F104388
2 IVORY / CROUCH  1812New South Wales, Australia F104389
3 WRIGHT / TURNBULL  11 Nov 1816New South Wales, Australia F104455
4 TURNBULL / REILLY  24 Nov 1829New South Wales, Australia F104429
5 FLEMING / DUNSTAN  21 Oct 1840New South Wales, Australia F104423
6 GURNEY / TURNBULL  04 Jan 1847New South Wales, Australia F104433
7 WALLACE / TURNBULL  19 Sep 1849New South Wales, Australia F104460
8 ROBINSON / ATKINSON  30 Dec 1850New South Wales, Australia F104707
9 ATKINSON / ROBINSON  1853New South Wales, Australia F104711
10 MCCROHON / BALKIN  1855New South Wales, Australia F31147
11 TUCKERMAN / GRIFFITHS  29 May 1880New South Wales, Australia F104383
12 SUTTOR / JOHNSTON  01 Aug 1894New South Wales, Australia F28571
13 JOHNSTON / SULLIVAN  29 Aug 1900New South Wales, Australia F27871

Not married

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   Family    Not married    Family ID 
1 TUCKERMAN / CROUCH  1802New South Wales, Australia F104387
2 BULLIVANT / TURNBULL  Abt 1855New South Wales, Australia F104461

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