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Dunedin, New Zealand



City/Town : Latitude: -45.87456, Longitude: 170.503388


Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BEISSEL, Albert Edward  26 Apr 1874Dunedin, New Zealand I23437
2 BEISSEL, Alice May  17 Dec 1884Dunedin, New Zealand I16936
3 BEISSEL, Alistair Neale  12 Feb 1936Dunedin, New Zealand I23319
4 BEISSEL, Amelia Caroline  12 May 1881Dunedin, New Zealand I16944
5 BEISSEL, Anna Maria Caroline  17 Dec 1871Dunedin, New Zealand I16923
6 BEISSEL, Annie Ada F  22 Aug 1864Dunedin, New Zealand I16919
7 BEISSEL, Augusta Caroline  20 Aug 1872Dunedin, New Zealand I16924
8 BEISSEL, Carl Frederick Wilhelm  08 Dec 1877Dunedin, New Zealand I16929
9 BEISSEL, Carl William  18 Nov 1888Dunedin, New Zealand I16947
10 BEISSEL, Charles  21 Jan 1862Dunedin, New Zealand I16886
11 BEISSEL, Conrad Henry Franz  18 Nov 1880Dunedin, New Zealand I16934
12 BEISSEL, Emily Maria  01 Aug 1869Dunedin, New Zealand I16922
13 BEISSEL, Francisca Wilhelmina  1863Dunedin, New Zealand I16918
14 BEISSEL, Frank Harold Gottlieb  06 Apr 1866Dunedin, New Zealand I16920
15 BEISSEL, Frederick William  27 Mar 1867Dunedin, New Zealand I16887
16 BEISSEL, Herman Carl Louis  24 Jan 1868Dunedin, New Zealand I16921
17 BEISSEL, Herman Gottlieb  29 Mar 1879Dunedin, New Zealand I16930
18 BEISSEL, Hodgson  07 Sep 1889Dunedin, New Zealand I20915
19 BEISSEL, Maurice Vincent  08 May 1939Dunedin, New Zealand I20950
20 BEISSEL, Mavis Doreen  12 Jan 1925Dunedin, New Zealand I23317
21 BEISSEL, Nora Alexandria Henrietta  1877Dunedin, New Zealand I16928
22 BEISSEL, Theodore Ferdinand  1882Dunedin, New Zealand I16935
23 BEISSEL, Trevor Clive  12 Nov 1935Dunedin, New Zealand I20948
24 BEISSEL, Wilhelm Henri Carl  26 Oct 1875Dunedin, New Zealand I16927
25 CLARK, Rita Iris  04 Dec 1911Dunedin, New Zealand I20946
26 JARMAN, Charles Alfred  27 Jul 1908Dunedin, New Zealand I20927
27 PARKINSON, Alfred Williamson  04 Sep 1884Dunedin, New Zealand I16938
28 YATES, Charles Edward  1872Dunedin, New Zealand I20916


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BEISSEL, Albert Edward  29 Jun 1933Dunedin, New Zealand I23437
2 BEISSEL, Augusta Caroline  02 Dec 1962Dunedin, New Zealand I16924
3 BEISSEL, Carl Frederick Wilhelm  14 Mar 1964Dunedin, New Zealand I16929
4 BEISSEL, Charles  04 Feb 1862Dunedin, New Zealand I16886
5 BEISSEL, Clive Walter  02 Sep 1960Dunedin, New Zealand I20922
6 BEISSEL, Emily Maria  27 Jun 1948Dunedin, New Zealand I16922
7 BEISSEL, Francis Edward  12 Apr 1907Dunedin, New Zealand I15617
8 BEISSEL, Francisca Wilhelmina  16 Sep 1864Dunedin, New Zealand I16918
9 BEISSEL, Frederick William  23 Jan 1868Dunedin, New Zealand I16887
10 BEISSEL, Herman Gottlieb  19 Jul 1950Dunedin, New Zealand I16930
11 BEISSEL, Maurice Vincent  03 Jul 1995Dunedin, New Zealand I20950
12 BEISSEL, Richard Rennie  16 Nov 1959Dunedin, New Zealand I20939
13 BEISSEL, Theodore Ferdinand  10 Aug 1882Dunedin, New Zealand I16935
14 BEISSEL, Trevor Clive  29 Jun 1987Dunedin, New Zealand I20948
15 BEISSEL, Wilhelm Henri Carl  24 Oct 1879Dunedin, New Zealand I16927
16 BEISSEL, William Robert  20 Jun 1976Dunedin, New Zealand I20940
17 BENNIE, Elizabeth  02 Apr 1974Dunedin, New Zealand I16933
18 CLARK, Rita Iris  22 Jun 1973Dunedin, New Zealand I20946
19 DAVIS, Ann Mary  09 Sep 1925Dunedin, New Zealand I17111
20 DIXON, Alfred Henry  17 Mar 1970Dunedin, New Zealand I20917
21 DUNCAN, Catherine Jane  07 Sep 1972Dunedin, New Zealand I20923
22 HAYMER, Anne Caroline Heinriette  08 Nov 1867Dunedin, New Zealand I15613
23 JAMIESON, Sidney Marjorie Noel  09 Nov 1971Dunedin, New Zealand I20944
24 JARMAN, Charles Bernard  03 Dec 1912Dunedin, New Zealand I20926
25 KUMMERT, Charles Frederick Albert  25 Apr 1946Dunedin, New Zealand I17113
26 MELLING, Christina Stewart  07 Jan 1955Dunedin, New Zealand I16932
27 PEARCEY, Elizabeth  20 Aug 1885Dunedin, New Zealand I17108
28 SAINSBURY, Ivy Ethel  15 Jul 1893Dunedin, New Zealand I17124
29 SAINSBURY, Jessie Robina Harriet  03 Jul 1929Dunedin, New Zealand I17120
30 SAINSBURY, John Eyre  24 Jan 1878Dunedin, New Zealand I17102
31 SAINSBURY, Robert  16 Aug 1948Dunedin, New Zealand I17107
32 SAINSBURY, William Eyre  29 Jun 1921Dunedin, New Zealand I17104
33 YATES, Charles Edward  31 Aug 1900Dunedin, New Zealand I20916


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BEISSEL, Albert Edward  02 Jul 1933Dunedin, New Zealand I23437
2 BEISSEL, Carl Frederick Wilhelm  18 Mar 1964Dunedin, New Zealand I16929
3 BEISSEL, Charles  05 Feb 1862Dunedin, New Zealand I16886
4 BEISSEL, Clive Walter  06 Sep 1960Dunedin, New Zealand I20922
5 BEISSEL, Emily Maria  04 Aug 1948Dunedin, New Zealand I16922
6 BEISSEL, Francis Edward  13 Apr 1907Dunedin, New Zealand I15617
7 BEISSEL, Francisca Wilhelmina  19 Sep 1864Dunedin, New Zealand I16918
8 BEISSEL, Frederick William  26 Jan 1868Dunedin, New Zealand I16887
9 BEISSEL, Herman Gottlieb  21 Jul 1950Dunedin, New Zealand I16930
10 BEISSEL, Johann Charles Adolphus Gottlieb  10 Aug 1904Dunedin, New Zealand I15616
11 BEISSEL, Theodore Ferdinand  12 Aug 1882Dunedin, New Zealand I16935
12 BEISSEL, Wilhelm Henri Carl  25 Oct 1879Dunedin, New Zealand I16927
13 BENNIE, Elizabeth  04 Apr 1974Dunedin, New Zealand I16933
14 DAVIS, Ann Mary  11 Sep 1925Dunedin, New Zealand I17111
15 DIXON, Alfred Henry  19 Mar 1970Dunedin, New Zealand I20917
16 DUNCAN, Catherine Jane  11 Sep 1972Dunedin, New Zealand I20923
17 GOHRING, Caroline Wilhalmina  14 Jul 1905Dunedin, New Zealand I16917
18 GUNN, Jessie  28 Aug 1925Dunedin, New Zealand I17114
19 HAYMER, Anne Caroline Heinriette  08 Nov 1867Dunedin, New Zealand I15613
20 JARMAN, Charles Bernard  04 Dec 1912Dunedin, New Zealand I20926
21 KUMMERT, Charles Frederick Albert  27 Apr 1946Dunedin, New Zealand I17113
22 MELLING, Christina Stewart  10 Jan 1955Dunedin, New Zealand I16932
23 PAYNE, Myrtle Evelyn Frances  08 Jun 1983Dunedin, New Zealand I20936
24 PEARCEY, Elizabeth  20 Aug 1885Dunedin, New Zealand I17108
25 SAINSBURY, Henrietta Amelia  06 Jun 1949Dunedin, New Zealand I17106
26 SAINSBURY, Ivy Ethel  15 Jul 1893Dunedin, New Zealand I17124
27 SAINSBURY, Jessie Robina Harriet  06 Jul 1929Dunedin, New Zealand I17120
28 SAINSBURY, John Eyre  27 Jan 1878Dunedin, New Zealand I17102
29 SAINSBURY, Robert  18 Aug 1948Dunedin, New Zealand I17107
30 SAINSBURY, William Eyre  01 Jul 1921Dunedin, New Zealand I17104
31 YATES, Charles Edward  02 Sep 1900Dunedin, New Zealand I20916


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Cremated    Person ID 
1 BEISSEL, Augusta Caroline  04 Dec 1962Dunedin, New Zealand I16924
2 BEISSEL, Clive Walter  05 Sep 1960Dunedin, New Zealand I20922
3 BEISSEL, Emily Maria  28 Jun 1948Dunedin, New Zealand I16922
4 BEISSEL, Maurice Vincent  06 Jul 1995Dunedin, New Zealand I20950
5 BEISSEL, Richard Rennie  18 Nov 1959Dunedin, New Zealand I20939
6 BEISSEL, Trevor Clive  01 Jul 1987Dunedin, New Zealand I20948
7 BEISSEL, William Robert  22 Jun 1976Dunedin, New Zealand I20940
8 CLARK, Rita Iris  25 Jun 1973Dunedin, New Zealand I20946
9 DUNCAN, Catherine Jane  09 Sep 1972Dunedin, New Zealand I20923
10 JAMIESON, Sidney Marjorie Noel  11 Nov 1971Dunedin, New Zealand I20944


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 BEISSEL, Francis Edward  1861Dunedin, New Zealand I15617
2 GOHRING, Caroline Wilhalmina  1861Dunedin, New Zealand I16917


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Inquest    Person ID 
1 JARMAN, Charles Bernard  31 Dec 1913Dunedin, New Zealand I20926


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 BEISSEL, George Gottlieb Jacob Christoph  1860Dunedin, New Zealand I15604
2 BEISSEL, Herman Gottlieb  Aft 1915Dunedin, New Zealand I16930
3 BEISSEL, Maurice Vincent  Dunedin, New Zealand I20950


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 BEISSEL, Carl Frederick Wilhelm  1964Dunedin, New Zealand I16929
2 BEISSEL, Francis Edward  1864Dunedin, New Zealand I15617
3 BEISSEL, Francis Edward  1866Dunedin, New Zealand I15617
4 BEISSEL, Francis Edward  1883Dunedin, New Zealand I15617
5 BEISSEL, Francis Edward  1885Dunedin, New Zealand I15617
6 BEISSEL, Francis Edward  1900Dunedin, New Zealand I15617
7 BEISSEL, Francis Edward  1907Dunedin, New Zealand I15617
8 BEISSEL, Herman Gottlieb  1911Dunedin, New Zealand I16930
9 BEISSEL, Trevor Clive  1987Dunedin, New Zealand I20948
10 BEISSEL, William Robert  1975Dunedin, New Zealand I20940
11 JARMAN, Charles Alfred  1931Dunedin, New Zealand I20927


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BEISSEL / DE BOYETTE  14 Mar 1881Dunedin, New Zealand F29697
2 BEISSEL / DODDS  09 Apr 1887Dunedin, New Zealand F29698
3 BEISSEL / DUNCAN  24 Sep 1924Dunedin, New Zealand F31196
4 BEISSEL / GOHRING  16 Sep 1863Dunedin, New Zealand F29690
5 BEISSEL / JAMIESON  12 Mar 1935Dunedin, New Zealand F31205
6 BEISSEL / MELLING  05 Nov 1894Dunedin, New Zealand F29692
7 BEISSEL / OLIVER  09 Apr 1866Dunedin, New Zealand F29679
8 BEISSEL / WALKER  07 Sep 1863Dunedin, New Zealand F29678
9 JARMAN / BEISSEL  04 Sep 1907Dunedin, New Zealand F31198
10 SAINSBURY / DAVIS  1876Dunedin, New Zealand F29761
11 YATES / BEISSEL  12 Apr 1898Dunedin, New Zealand F31194

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