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Roadvale, Queensland, Australia


City/Town : Latitude: -27.91628, Longitude: 152.678512


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BADKE, Ethel Adelaide Sarah  23 Oct 1906Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I3708
2 BADKE, Mina Louise Maria  8 Dec 1892Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I5226
3 BEITZEL, Anna Louise Friederike  20 Nov 1886Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I1231
4 BEITZEL, August Wilhelm Louis  26 Mar 1898Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I1206
5 BEITZEL, Elsie Ida  9 Apr 1898Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I1208
6 BEITZEL, Heinrich Herman  14 Jun 1894Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I1201
7 BEITZEL, Helene Mathilde  17 May 1901Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I1199
8 BEITZEL, Minna Rosina  24 Jan 1892Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I1203
9 EGGERT, Bertha Marie Caroline  20 Jan 1882Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I995
10 ROSSOW, Dora Christine Auguste  30 May 1895Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I8
11 ROSSOW, Noel Colin  26 Oct 1914Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I273
12 ROSSOW, Rosina  31 May 1898Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I35
13 STEPHAN, Alfred Erhard  13 Aug 1896Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I6446
14 STEPHAN, Alvine (Martha)  11 Mar 1895Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I6445
15 STEPHAN, Anna Wilhelmine  23 Jun 1881Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I6437
16 STEPHAN, Arthur  28 May 1891Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I6443
17 STEPHAN, August Wilhelm Theodor  04 Jul 1892Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I3506
18 STEPHAN, Augusta Louisa  11 Feb 1886Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I6440
19 STEPHAN, Bertha Emilie  11 Jul 1884Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I6439
20 STEPHAN, Eileen Gladys  03 Aug 1916Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I6988
21 STEPHAN, Ellen Gertrude  22 May 1892Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I6444
22 STEPHAN, Frederick William (Herman William)  15 Feb 1883Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I6438
23 STEPHAN, Hedwig Rosenna  02 Dec 1887Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I6441
24 STEPHAN, Herman Wilhelm Fredrick  18 Apr 1894Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I5022
25 STEPHAN, Laura Jane (Elsie)  28 Dec 1900Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I6449
26 STEPHAN, Marie  18 Jun 1889Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I6442
27 STEPHAN, Rosina Bertha Augusta  10 Sep 1896Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I5023
28 STEPHAN, Samuel  27 Nov 1893Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I6863
29 STEPHAN, Stanley Aubrey  09 Jul 1903Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I6451
30 STEPHAN, Thelma Elizabeth  27 Aug 1917Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I6989
31 WEICK, Doris Louise  07 Oct 1906Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I249
32 WEICK, Harold Edgar  01 Jan 1913Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I161
33 WEICK, Rosey Maria  16 Jul 1908Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I250
34 WILKEN, Anna Maria Elizabeth  28 Jun 1898Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I4862
35 WILKEN, Else Mathilde  22 Aug 1906Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I4866
36 WILKEN, Fredrick Carl Wilhelm  31 Dec 1899Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I16039
37 WILKEN, Heinrich Friedrich  22 Oct 1900Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I4863
38 WILKEN, Karl Wilhelm  04 Apr 1904Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I4865
39 WILKEN, Mary Louise  17 Aug 1909Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I4867
40 WILKEN, Ruby Emily  28 Mar 1912Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I4868


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BEISSEL, August Heinrich Christian  06 Jul 1896Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I77
2 BEITZEL, George Friederick Anton  04 Sep 1941Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I81
3 BEITZEL, Rudolph George August  01 Jan 1969Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I1236
4 BEITZEL, Rudolph Gustav Ludwig Heinrich  21 Feb 1907Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I80
5 GRAY, Arthur Philip  24 Jan 1936Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I5910
6 NEHLS, Friedriche (Friedrike) Wilhelmine Amalie  24 Jul 1933Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I22139
7 SCHOBEL, Anna Karoline "Caroline"  03 Jul 1905Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I1186
8 STEPHAN, August Wilhelm Theodor  24 Jan 1930Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I3506
9 STEPHAN, Gustav (Adolph)  04 Nov 1943Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I1926
10 TIMMERMAN, Elizabeth  20 Nov 1917Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I16030
11 WILKEN, Else Mathilde  03 Nov 1910Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I4866


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 SCHOBEL, Anna Karoline "Caroline"  05 Jul 1905Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I1186


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID 
1 BADKE, Ida Maria Matilda  1900Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I3709
2 BEITZEL, Elsie Ida  1903Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I1208
3 BEITZEL, Minna Rosina  1897Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I1203
4 BEITZEL, Rudolph George August  1889Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I1236
5 CUTHBERTSON, Madge  1903Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I4416
6 DRAHEIM, Anna "Annie"  1903Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I5856
7 EGGERT, Herman  1894Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I2415
8 ROSSOW, August  1889Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I99
9 ROSSOW, Dora Christine Auguste  1900Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I8
10 ROSSOW, Leslie Emil  1909Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I236
11 ROSSOW, Louise Bertha  1889Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I28
12 ROSSOW, Maria Bertha Ernestine  1890Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I29
13 ROSSOW, Minnie Louise  1891Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I30
14 ROSSOW, Rosina  1903Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I35
15 SCARONI, Catherine Doris  1932Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I50
16 ZILLMANN, Theodore Herman  1889Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I39


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary    Person ID 
1 STEPHAN, Edward Walter  10 Jan 1928Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I6416

Wedding Anniversary

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Wedding Anniversary    Person ID 
1 KAMP, Johann Christian Ludwig  26 Oct 1912Roadvale, Queensland, Australia I15393


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ALFORD / MOCKER  26 Nov 1927Roadvale, Queensland, Australia F28692
2 BEITZEL / BAYER  25 Aug 1904Roadvale, Queensland, Australia F887
3 BROOK / WILKEN  08 Apr 1924Roadvale, Queensland, Australia F29432
4 DOMJAHN / SCARONI  12 Jul 1944Roadvale, Queensland, Australia F19
5 KNOPKE / WILKEN  21 Jan 1931Roadvale, Queensland, Australia F29476
6 ROSSOW / BADKE  4 Jun 1913Roadvale, Queensland, Australia F3828
7 SCHOSSOW / HUTH  Sep 1936Roadvale, Queensland, Australia F104288
8 STEPHAN / BADKE  29 Dec 1916Roadvale, Queensland, Australia F2649
9 STEPHAN / VERRENKAMP  12 Dec 1915Roadvale, Queensland, Australia F4696
10 WEICK / LOVELL  13 Apr 1949Roadvale, Queensland, Australia F182
11 WEICK / ROSSOW  29 Apr 1903Roadvale, Queensland, Australia F23
12 WILKEN / GIESS  28 Dec 1921Roadvale, Queensland, Australia F29429

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